Princess Diana Tribute

The beautiful rose above was named for Princess Diana.

I found this tribute to Princess Diana online, it was written by Beth Reed. I think she says it all about how we felt, and feel about Princess Diana.

There was never a woman that touched the hearts of people more than Diana did. Diana had many facets about her that cannot ever fully be defined. From beautiful and wealthy, our very own Cinderella was a woman that proved tough when the time had come for her inner strength.
Most of all, Diana was more than a Princess. She was a woman just like we are. She was a wife, and a mother, and she shared the same troubles and fears that women all over the world have. Yet it was her example that taught us how to deal with what ever comes our way. With dignity and pride. No matter what walk of life we are from, she experienced the same heartfelt emotions that we do. She was not perfect, just human.
She touched my life from the first time that I ever laid eyes on her. In a small way I felt connected to this beautiful soul. I cried with tears of happiness on her wedding day, I rejoiced her in motherhood, I admired the way she loved her sons, I felt her hurt and despair as she struggled thru divorce and I cheered for her happiness when she at last found it in the man that she loved. And like so very many, I mourned her death.
Diana will never be forgotten. No one can ever extinguish the flame of love and hope that she has left behind. I think that Diana would have wanted what she stood for to live on, and it does in the many people that loved her. I also believe that no other song fits Diana as does Candle in the wind. Without the stars of heaven, their would be no light, and Diana shared her light with us all, even in the smallest way, by being a woman of compassion, a woman that was human and last of all, a woman who we will always remember as our very own Princess. Written by Beth Reed.

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