Our Loving Father

I bought this card to mail to someone, but want to share it on my blog as well. I need the reminder as a lot of us do!

Taking a cue from one of my favorite blogs: Susan's Penless Writer I'm going to start sharing some of my fears and pain. I had thought originally I would keep my blog with only happy fun things, but when my heart is heavy I sometimes find it hard to blog. My husband, Joe, has been battling cancer this year. He has had six chemo treatments since February. Tomorrow he goes for another CT scan and full-body Pet scan. Soon he will start radiation treatments. Tonight I feel a little fearful. I try to be optimistic, but sometimes are harder than others. He has folicular lymphoma which isn't curable, but does respond to treatment. It does sometimes return after remission. I'm asking for your prayers, if it comes to mind, please lift us up in prayer! Thank you in advance!


Penless Thoughts said...

Oh bless your heart!!! Please don't ever keep the pains and sorrows to yourself. We need each other at times like this. You may be assured I will be praying for your dear husband and for you as you walk through this time together. I have to add, Satan wants us to not share so we will fight the battle alone and be more vulnerable to his attacks. WE WILL NOT give in to that!!!!

Miss Eagle said...

I am the widow of a man called Joe who died 17 years ago of a brain tumour when he was aged 53 and I was 45. I have a very close friend who lives in another state who battles lymphoma, so far with quite a bit of success. When Joe was dying, there were days when things were just too hard. I couldn't say and couldn't pray. I just used to confess that to the Lord and say - It's too hard to-day Lord, you do it. My view is that there are times of great drama or intensity or suddenness when prayer should be the order of the day but we are unable to pray. I believe that our faithful prayers in the good times are like a bank account to be drawn upon in the tough times. Joe died within four months of diagnosis. My tears did not ease off for about ten years and for a good portion of that decade I felt like flotsam and jetsam in the world: being blown by wind and tide. I can say, though, that God has been faithful through all that. I have not railed against God, asking why. But I have argued with Him and howled before him. Great is his faithfulness. We live in a world we don't fully understand, serving a God we don't fully understand. We walk by faith in Him and in thankfulness for the world as it is and as he created it. This is our human condition.

I am with you in this.

Blessings and bliss

Lallee said...

Katherine, you have many standing with you during the hard parts. This makes me think of the story of one of the battles the Israelites had. They were winning against their enemy as long as Moses held the staff in the air. When his arms grew too tired, the others held his arms up for him. Please know that spiritually we are holding you up, lifting you up to God when you feel overwhelmed, and Joe, too. It's good for you to share with us. It's even better that we can be honest with God rather than put on our fake religious masks and act like everything is OK.

Hugs to you,

Alice said...

I will certainly remember your Joe in my prayers.

Revee said...

I just read this post and my heart goes out to you and your husband. You will both be in my family's prayers. Maybe God lead you on the path of tranquility during this difficult time.

Mrs. U said...

Hi there! I cannot imagine all that y'all must be going through. I will definitely pray for your husband as well as for you.

Mrs. U