New Music!

I'm almost finished with removing our Christmas decorations, I'm usually done by now, but left it up a little longer this year since we were gone almost a week during Christmas.

I have several new CDs that I absolutely love! I've enjoyed listening to these while undecorating! If you don't have these CDs, I highly recommend them, if you like this type music!

Music and books are two of my passions I enjoy very much. I'm also sharing some little books I like to get out at Christmastime. I try to buy at least one new Christmas CD and one small Christmas book each year.

Note: These CDs aren't Christmas, I regret that I didn't buy the El Divo Christmas album, I had my hand on it but decided not to get it since I have the Three Tenors Christmas CD already and they are similar. By the time I decided to buy the one by El Divo, I couldn't find it, even on and the net.

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