Jan's Quilt

I have a special friend, one of her hobbies is making quilts. She has made quilts for all three of her children and six granddaughters. She is a busy lady, loves life, and packs a lot into each day. Jan has had a rough time the past few years. Within a short time she lost her husband to brain tumor, and was also diagnosed with cancer herself. She is a real trouper, an inspiration to all of us as we watch her go through each week with a cheerful, positive attitude. She continues to have good reports each time she goes for her check-ups. She has a will and determination to leave a legacy for all her children and grandchildren. She is in the process of completing photo albums for each of them, and she has made quilts for each of them.

This quilt is so special because Jan made it for ME as a surprise for Christmas!! I was totally speechless, couldn't believe she took the time to make a quilt for me when she is so busy! I will always treasure this quilt. I truly feel wrapped in love with it around me!

Quilter's Poem
Love is a quilt - a quilt is love...
Both love and a quilt should be:
Soft enough to comfort you,
Bright enought to cheer you,
Generous enough to enfold you,
Light enough to let you move freely,
Strong enough to withstand adversity,
Durable enough to last a lifetime,
And given gladly, from the heart.
(Author unknown)

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