Today I'll share my kitchen with you. I have a tea room type theme in our kitchen, using tea pots, tea cups and other tea related items. This basket of silk yellow roses sits atop the kitchen cabinets. I apologize that the following pictures aren't in perfect order.

I'm taking a blogger break and will return the first week in February. I invite you to visit each month of my archives to see other rooms of our house.

Thanks to all my loyal viewers who leave comments. I haven't been able to reply to comments lately, but I do appreciate you taking the time to make a comment!

When I return I will show you my favorite display atop the pantry in the kitchen!


Sharon Kay said...

Just came across your blog through Becca's and I so enjoyed your lovely decorating ideas for the shelfs in your home. I now have you in my favorites and will be back often. Come visit when you have the time.

Yellow Roses said...

Sharon Kay, thank you for adding my blog to your favorites, and for your compliments! I hope to learn how to do that soon so I can list my favorites too!

I tried to go to your Sept Morn blog, but it won't load tonight, I'll try again!