What a Wonderful Surprise!

What is better than a nice surprise? -- A nice surprise from special internet friends you've never actually met in person ( but we are kindred spirits!) This gorgeous tea cup arrived in the mail totally unexpected! These two sweet ladies are in a yahoo decorating group with me. They actually just met each other in person recently when they each drove to a town near each of them and had a great shopping trip and lunch at a fabulous restaurant. While shopping they were discussing each member in our group. They saw this beautiful cup and saucer and decided they would buy it for me since I collect them!! When I opened the package, the beauty of the yellow rose tea cup and saucer just took my breath away! It has iridescent glaze, three-footed tea cup, and open cut-work on the saucer. It is now my favorite yellow rose tea cup and saucer!!

How blessed I am to have friends like this! Thank you both so much, Becca and Gwen!! I can never tell you how much this is appreciated!



~Becca~Bluebird Rose said...

You photographed it beautifully! I'm so pleased you like it; it just looked like it suited you "to a tea"! :)

Mary said...

Oh Katherine, it is just beautiful! What a sweet surprise.