We lived in Indiana for three years. During this time we went to Shipsawana, IN many times. Shipsawana is an Amish community in northern Indiana. I loved seeing the black horse and buggies on the highway and always prayed for their safety, as sometimes they are involved in accidents with automobiles, causing severe damage or deaths. I was so fascinated with the Amish way and read a few books about them.

I had my kitchen and breakfast nook decorated with Amish pictures and knick-knacks. When we moved here I used these items in the laundry room, but had to pack them away when we installed shelves in the laundry room. I still have two of these darling little Amish children prints hanging in there. I think the artist may be Corinne Hartley, I can't make out the first name, but looked on the net and found a "Hartley" artist with paintings similar to this style.

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