A bed made of canvas or of rope mesh and suspended by cords at the ends, used as garden furniture or  onboard a ship.

 There's something about a hammock that bids
a welcome to all ages. Granted certain ages
should just view them from afar!

Comfy under the blossoms!

Have you ever been on a hammock?
We have and somewhere I have pictures
of that occasion, but I can't find them.
We were at Hilton Head about ten
or more years ago. 


It  was fun and I should also say


Funny to see two people 
over 60 trying to get into
a hammock, and to
stay in it without 
tumbling out! LOL!


With staying in so much
this summer, I spend a lot
of time entertaining myself
looking at Pinterest and

I've been sharing lots of
pretty and interesting things
from Pinterest on Facebook
and decided to do the same 
here on my blog. 


Some of my family and friends are 
so upset and lonely staying in
during this pandemic
so I've decided to have a
little ministry of helping 
them enjoy being inside so much. 


I say thank you Lord, for
providing computers,
cell phones, iPads, etc.
to help us entertain 
ourselves during this time.
And, also brains to understand
how to use them at this age! 


 I've enjoyed seeing the different colors
and designs of all these hammocks.
Do you see a favorite?
Of course mine is this one -

 The prints are so colorful!

Could you take a nap here?

Or do you prefer the

 Even in a fancy place
like this:

 You wouldn't catch me in a
hammock these days!

But, it's fun to pretend and to 
dream of times past. 


I enjoy seeing how people like
decorating the outside of their
homes, as well as the inside.

 How about that birdcage above
this hammock hanging from the tree!

 Or pretend we are on an
island someplace.

 A vacation far away?

Can't you almost feel the cool ocean breeze here?

Beautiful color!

This one is called a romantic hammock:

 For me, for now, I think I just
prefer this lawn chair with the 
legs on the ground, maybe no
chance of tipping it over!

 May your dreams be happy ones!

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Creations By Cindy said...

We have never had a hammock. Years and years ago we went on a Cruise and of course on Gilligan's Island there was a hammock. We had to test them out. But....that was years ago! Marty said if we had hammock in our back yard he isn't sure he would ever get anything done outside! LOL! Love them all. Hugs and blessings, Cindy