Cornucopia and Wicker Turkey Make-overs

I've had two ceramic conucopias and two wicker turkeys for 25 years and they were need of make-overs. 
The first cornucopia is white and filled with white silk magnolias:

 Top view:

I've always loved it, but did this change:

 Top view now:

It doesn't need anything else on the table with it!

It's displayed on our new glass coffee table.
Here's  a peek at our new white sofa.
I'll share our new decor in a few weeks,
we are still working on it!

 Also a peek at our new rug!


 View from the top:

 View from the sofa:
Which floral arrangement do you like best?
 This is the second ceramic cornucopia. I found this one and
the white one at a thrift store years ago, I liked them
both so much I purchased both!

This is the make-over:

I used three burlap mini pumpkins with fall colors of hydrangea:

 I meant to take a long shot to show the pretty tablecloth,
I may add it later, come back to see!

 I decided to add the little Pilgrim figurines:

This is the large wicker turkey:
  note there's a small doily at her neck:

I spray painted both wicker turkeys white:

Two little Pilgrim floral picks 

 The faux flowers are burlap hydrangeas in brown and white:
 A few other colors added to give a little pop!
Do you like it better?

 This is the small wicker turkey, it also has a doily "bib."
 (The little Pilgrim picks went to the large turkey)

Here it is sprayed white:

White and orange faux flowers inside:

Faux fall leaves by the tail:
Do you like her make-over better?

I hope you enjoyed the turkey make-overs
and the cornucopia make-overs


I'm joining Susan's Metamorphosis Monday, Click on her name for lots more inspiration.

Happy Thanksgiving!


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