Easter Chicks

I've seen so many Easter tablescapes this season not using the traditional pastel colors. I thought I would also jump on that bandwagon and do nontraditional Easter colors for my tablescape.

I guess the main inspiration started with these cute little yellow chick ramekins:
They are from Michael's a few years ago.  The orange dinner plates are from Dollar Tree. The orange salad plates from Ross.

I also just bought a new yellow tablecloth at TJ Maxx last week.

It was more than I wanted to pay, was yellow!!

$14.99 is a lot when I'm used to only paying $7.99 at Ross for larger tablecloths.
This one is only 60x84, and it is 100% cotton, I don't like having to iron 100% cotton!!
All that, was yellow!! So I had to have it!

The light yellow looks very pretty with the orange, don't you think?

The bright colored napkins give a nice pop!
 More to the story about the napkins - I had seen these eyelet edged napkins
on Susan's BNOTP blog and fell in love with them.

I emailed Susan to ask where they are from and she told me Pier 1, and that they still  have them there. We went to Pier 1, and were delighted to see they were on sale 20% off!!  My husband even insisted I get eight of them instead of my usual four.
I'm sure you will be seeing these on my tablescapes a lot, as they go with almost any color!

Isn't that wide eyelet lace beautiful!
Thanks, Pier 1!!! And thanks, Susan, for the tip!
They are perfect with these colorful napkins!

I've had these paper mache baby chicks a while, they came from Joann's Fabric.

They make an adorable centerpiece, perched on a mini stool
Check out the napkin!
Two mini baby chickens are on each side:

I think they were from Michael's a few years ago

 Orange silk daisies complete the centerpiece

Oh, the colorful flatware is from Home Goods.

It all came together to make a very colorful cheery Easter tablescape! Makes me smile!

Some of the pictures didn't turn out so good since it was cloudy outside

I always try for a goblet shot, see the baby chicken?

Here's the special guest place, that's just for you!

Now, tell me, did you notice something wrong with this tablescape? If not, look closely:

                                               Do you see it?

I had placed a charger under one stack to see if I liked it with or without, then I forgot to remove it (since I like it better without) then I took all the pictures without realizing it was there! I had them already posted before I discovered it, so decided to leave it. Did you notice?? LOL!

I'm linking to Susan's Tablescape Thursday, and Alma's Seasonal Sundays. Thanks ladies for hosting! Click on their names for lots of inspiration.

Happy Easter, May God Bless You!



Chubby Chieque said...

Love the eyelet's tablenapkins Maam Kath,

Your table is adorable with all the elements that make me happy.

Have a blessed Easter.
/CC girl

Debbie said...

I didn't notice the charger thing until you mentioned it. Then, I went back to look. So see? It's obviously true that we don't notice what others don't point out. Who knew?

With or without the random charger, I love this table. The colors are just wonderful and so different.

The chick plate inspiration is my favorite part, but I do love the Pier I linen score too.

Happiest of Easters to you!

Diane said...

What a bright and cheery table!! Love that yellow tablecloth and those adorable pieces from Michael's. The Easter Bunny will definitely want to stop at your house - it is so welcoming!!

Creations By Cindy said...

Love the chicks! Hugs and blessings Cindy

Alycia Nichols said...

Ha! That shows that all the activity you have on the table is a good camouflage because I didn't notice the lone charger at all!!! No one notices the "off" stuff when the rest of the table is fun and interesting!

Going off the grid to seek non-traditional colors did seem to be a big thing this year. I did it myself by adding grey to the combo. I guess it's just a sign of the times. You did a good job of using some non-traditional colors but keeping elements that still are a sign of Easter for the table. The eyelet lace napkins definitely lend to the Easter feel and are just so pretty. You will get to enjoy those for so many future settings! Kudos to your Joe for inviting you to buy double the usual! That's a good husband right there!!!

I hope you guys enjoy the weekend ahead. Happy Easter!!!

Kathleen said...

Love your colorful table! I like it with the charger too. That is an ouchy on the cost of the cloth though!
Hope you had a very blessed Easter!

Nancy's Notes said...

What a gorgeous tablescape! I'm just crazy about those eyelet lace napkins! Adorable chicks...just too cute!