New Keepsake Ornament

 Christmas 2011 I posted about a new Hallmark Keepsake Partridge in a Pear Tree Ornament that I purchased, hoping to buy one each year in the series. A new one is released each year. Below is the first one I bought, it is "The Partridge." 

This year the ornament was "Two Turtle Doves."

They are very pretty together
 I display them on a candle stick. I'm wondering (hoping) after all twelve are released, they will also offer a tree to display them on.

Since they aren't done in the traditional red and green Christmas colors, I leave them up a few months after Christmas.

They are displayed on a table in our master bedroom.

 Edythe Kegrize, is the Hallmark Keepsake Artist. I googled the first one (Partridge) back in November and it is now selling for $75.00!  I'm thankful I paid only $12.95 for each, and hope I can continue getting them each year at this price!

Last year I displayed the partridge on this black candlestick:

 This year I used a larger candlestick and added the beaded garland around it.

Don't you think it looks okay to leave them out a few months, at least till Spring?

 I still like the way the Partridge looks alone on the candlestick below:
 but love the two of them together on this one:

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A Romantic Porch said...

Those are so beautiful. I have never seen them. I think it is absolutely perfect to leave them up till Spring. Your display of them is so lovely.
xo rachel

Debbie said...

Not only are the really lovely, but I really do love the fact that their colors allow you to leave them up. The way you have them on that candlestick is perfect.

Maybe as you get more, you can do one of those tomato cage trees for them. That would be a good size for a small group of ornaments.

I intend to stalk you for the next 10 years to find out.

Love Bears All Things said...

I think these are lovely. I bought a miniature of a bird this year. I think it would be fine to display them all year if you can find a way. I have a shadow box filled with some of the Marjolein Bastin's ornaments in my living room. They were ones I gave to Mother and Daddy through the year. I try to buy hers every year. They are always nature ones.
Mama Bear

Ceekay-THINKIN of HOME/Doublewide Decor said...

They are beautiful. Only 10 more years! I have the set of Norman Rockwell ornies...from the 70s I think!

SmilingSally said...

Sweet blue birds, Katherine.

Adrienne said...

What treasures!