More Christmas Decorating

I'm having difficulty finding much computer time, I bet you are too, huh? Here's a few more pictures of my decorating. I found this cute little car ornament at TJ Maxx several weeks ago.

I think she is so cute and she goes well with my other vintage-look Christmas things.
How cute is that?

I keep tweaking this little village scene.

I have mostly used my Nativities as decorations this year, but have a few new things that weren't packed away so I've used them in a few places.

I like these silly looking Santa's and buy them when they are cheap enough. The one above came from Home Goods. The one below is from Marshall's. They were both under $8.00.
I like his suit! The two silhouettes are of my grandchildren, Elisabeth and Caden.

A close-up of this funny Santa!
Merry Christmas!

Below is another Nativity I forgot to post with the others. It is displayed in the niche between
between the dining room and family room. I've had this Nativity since the 70s. A favorite aunt
gave it to me and it is displayed each Christmas. I think someone made them in ceramics. They are bigger than they look in these pictures. Joseph and Mary are 9 inches high. That extra large crystal (another gift) is 14 inches high. The total height of the floral arrangement in the tall vase is 25 inches.

His destiny was the cross....
His purpose was love....
His reason was you....

I hope you are enjoying your Christmas projects and festivities!

Have a wonderful Christmas!
God Bless.



Marilyn said...

I haven't had time to visit much lately. I love your Christmas decorations. My favorite is the Baby Jesus in the cloche with the poinsettias and the nativity in the lantern. All are beautiful.

Lee Laurie said...

Very beautiful decorations! I'm still not finished with mine. Time is flying by!

Lee Laurie

Chany Tzera said...

Preciosa decoraciĆ³n,muy llamativa y espiritual, le dejo mi abrazo desde Argentina, Chany

Love Bears All Things said...

She fits right in.
I like the Nativity in your header. It looks like a carved egg.
Mama Bear

A Hint of Home said...

Katherine, the snow village is so pretty. The little car is just too cute!

Lallee said...

Your village is so sweet. Very nice additions! I love the silhouettes.