We're back!

We're back home again, but came back to being super busy again. Our daughter and her family are coming this weekend!
We spent the weekend at a Marriage Renewal retreat sponsored by our church. It was wonderful, but emotionally draining. Even so, we recommend it to everyone! We have been totally wiped out all day today! I took pictures of the pretty grounds where it was held and will post them on the blog when I can.

My daughter, Ashleigh, is taking a cake decorating class. She made me this beautiful yellow rose cake tonight! (She ran out of room for the "Mom" so added it later.) Too bad I'm in Florida instead of SC where she is, so I could eat it! I am so pleased she made the yellow roses! I think this was her third cake decorating class, didn't she do a good job! She works full-time as a CPA, has a nine-month-old baby boy, and she enjoys this new hobby a lot!


~Becca~Bluebird Rose said...

Oh! Please tell Ashleigh she did a fabulous job on your cake, especially those yellow roses! How very special, what a touching gesture!

Lallee said...

Ashleigh did a beautiful job on the cake. Of course she would put yellow roses on it! Looking forward to seeing the retreat pictures.