Today's Tea Cup

This is one of my favorite yellow rose tea cups because it is a little smaller than others. Being small the tea tends to stay hot a little longer. I use this cup often. This is also a favorite tea cup because a special person gave it to me. A few years ago some of of my high school friends that I hadn't seen in many years reconnected. One of them found out I collected yellow rose tea cups and she looked for one for me a long time before she found this sweet little set. Thanks, Judy!

This cup and saucer is "Tea Rose" by Royal Albert.


La Tea Dah said...

I also own this beautiful, yellow rose teacup and saucer! I was looking at it recently and thought of you! Now, I will never use it again without thinking warm thoughts of you! Very lovely!

Yellow Roses said...

How sweet of you La tea dah! I will now think of you as well, when I use this cup and saucer!