Doobie Dogs!

Yesterday we went to St. Augustine for the day with some friends. I took my digital camera and had planned to take some pictures of the oldest city in America to share with you! Those plans didn't work out to get the historical pictures. But, look what I did get!! These two little dogs (yes they are real!) were dressed up so cute and were so well behaved, everybody was stopping and taking pictures of them! They are Dala and Doogie Doobie! They visit the elderly in hospitals and entertain others just by being cute and sweet! They were so good and didn't mind being dressed up with clothes and glasses! Dobie even had on little shoes! Doogie is a terrier, Dala is a poodle.

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~Becca~Bluebird Rose said...

Those are cute! My son would especially like the one with the miniature guitar! :)