Yellow Tulips!

 My oldest daughter and her husband came last weekend
to celebrate my birthday! She came in with 15 fresh yellow tulips!

I took pictures outside on our porch.
I'm sorry to say I didn't get any pictures of
my daughter, Alyson!

The tulips stayed so nice, I took a picture
every day!

I think this was Day 3!

I kept taking them back out to the porch
so the true colors would show.

I couldn't believe they didn't open or droop 
like tulips usually do!

See my wicker swing on the left?
I get a lot of "porch therapy" right there!

View from the top:

 I just like this silouette picture:

Day 5:
We enjoyed Alyson and Dave's visit
so much! In addition to Alyson taking me
shopping to buy clothes, 
she and Dave cleaned out our attic! Yay!

 They also took us out to dinner!
Sure hated to see them go.

 Day 6: 
Soon the tulips will go, but
I'm amazed they never did open out!
I enjoyed them so much!


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Beautiful tulips and happy belated birthday. Hugs and blessings to you dear lady.

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