What would bother you the most?

This will be the last segment on the mission trip to Cuba my daughter went on a couple week's ago. She wrote in more detail on her blog, click here: 

She tells about the secret to overcoming fears, some major, some minor, but still fears! Here's the free scripture she hand penned for her blog followers:

I tried to visualize how I would feel about going to another country without the pleasurable things we are so accustomed to here in our great USA!

What would bother you the most if you went to the poor country?

Black beans and rice for EVERY meal!! EVERY day!??

The lodging:
 NOT the Hilton!!
 The room she and her roommate stayed in - No A/C! No glass on the windows!! Only shutters and shutters do not keep creepy crawlers out! They had some of these unwanted "visitors!"

Or how about giving your testimony to a group? This is Alyson and her translator as she gave her testimony about asking Jesus into her life:

There are more pictures of Cuba on her blog - how people don't own cars and have to walk everywhere, they have very little money, etc.

Mission trips are a sacrifice to the Lord. Alyson loved it, she said her life was changed, she'll never forget those sweet people who were so hungry to learn more about the Lord, how to share the Lord, etc. They don't have access to bibles, Christian literature, etc.

See Alyson's blog for more details and to order the above instant printable scripture and to join her blog so you can receive a free hand penned scripture weekly.
Click here:

 I hope you have enjoyed hearing about Alyson's mission trip! I'm very proud of her!


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Creations By Cindy said...

Enjoyed this dear Katherine. I've been to Nicaragua and my heart hears your daughter's heart. Hugs and blessings, Cindy