Grandson's Wedding

 Last weekend we drove to Tallahassee, FL to attend my oldest grandson's wedding. I took pictures, but tried to be respectful of the professional photographers as they were taking a lot of pictures, we haven't seen those yet.

I did take this one as the ceremony started. I wanted to capture Taylor's face as he saw Emily walking down the aisle.
 I also wanted to take a picture of the three little flower girls in their cowgirl boots!
Here's a closeup:

And a closeup of the little ring bearer:

I love the way the children were allowed to sit on the steps during the ceremony.

They had a casual country theme. These Mason jars filled with baby's breath and roses were on the ends of the pews.

I didn't get a picture of the flowers at the altar, but the arrangement below was used. The wedding planner had moved it after the ceremony to take to the reception. It has white mums and real cotton plants!
Closeup so you can see the cotton in the middle:

The reception was held at Bradley's Pond, a really neat place for the rustic country wedding!  Here's a picture of my husband in front of the building (the back of the building.)

                                     The grounds were beautiful! 
 They also had games to keep the children occupied:

That's my youngest grandson, Caden, playing

                                    Nice picture of the pond:

The photographers took the bride and groom around the pond to take pictures, can you see them in the center:

and here, I'm showing this so you can see the Spanish Moss hanging from the trees:

And here:

Here they are heading toward the reception hall:

Can you see her cowgirl boots?

She didn't wear them during the ceremony, but she and the bridesmaids changed to boots for the reception! So cute with the country theme!

Arriving at the reception, as the DJ announced "Mr. and Mrs. Taylor Perrin" (that's one of the photographers right behind them.)

                            The first dance as Mr. and Mrs.

Emily's dance with her dad, (a few tears were shed!)

Taylor dancing with his mom (my daughter, Alyson.)

There was no traditional tiered wedding cake, but these cupcakes (which the children were thrilled about!)

Several flavors of cupcakes (including mint chocolate chip.)

Two large cupcakes, they cut one of them to "feed each other" Their initials were on these:

Lemonade, tea, and water were served in Mason jars with straws. Cute idea!

Centerpieces on the tables were Mason jars filled with orange gerbera daisies, hydrangea, Queen Anne's Lace, and real cotton!
 Wooden boxes surrounded them.

Closeup of the flatware in burlap at each chair, really cute:

I didn't take a picture of the buffet or the food, but it was the best wedding food we've ever had! It was a barbeque! Pulled pork, BBQ chicken, macaroni and cheese, baked beans, and sweet cornbread! Yum!

The bride's bouquet was the centerpiece of their table.

One of the bridesmaid's bouquets:

The bride's mother made over 200 of these little Mason jars of homemade strawberry jam! The sign says "Thanks for jammin' with us!"

The pretty flower arrangement that has the cotton in it:

Here's a closeup of cotton for those of you up north who have never seen cotton.

You can't see it, but the cotton has seeds inside the "puffs." I'm from AL originally and was thrilled to see cotton again, up close!

                              Parents of the bride and groom:

Emily and Taylor talking with KK. Taylor started calling me "KK" when he was a very little boy!

It's a little hard to see, but I'm wearing a picture locket that has a picture of Taylor at about six months old. It was given to me for Mother's Day when he was a baby!

(Sorry, I couldn't get a good picture.)

                                                Checking out their Jeep before leaving:

                             The guys did a good job, just enough decoration!

                                                Cute sign for reserved space for them!

Remember these signs from Taylor's proposal?  They were so cute greeting the guests as we drove up to the reception! (Click here to see the proposal.)

Cute picture of Emily I borrowed from her Facebook page. Taken before the ceremony.

My grandson, Caden, arm wrestling with "Big Joe" (my husband!)

                I love this picture of the parents of the bride and groom:

Emily's mother gave me one of the centerpieces to bring home. Don't you love the cotton!
I hope you enjoyed seeing these pictures of our wonderful celebration!

Click here to see the Rehearsal Dinner decorations we did.



The Quintessential Magpie said...

I loved, loved, loved this! What a beautiful couple, attendants, and family! Loved it all, and it looked like such fun!



What a beautiful wedding, with so much detail and beautiful new couple, and yes, along with their respective parents! Your daughter is lovely! Such fun the bride changing into boots, sounds like something to remember, lol! Beautiful grounds and the children were certainly adorable! Thank you for sharing all this happiness. Congrats!

The Tablescaper said...

I too love the cotton. Congratulations on a wonderful celebration. How sweet that you still had the locket!

- The Tablescaper

Rettabug said...

Oh Katherine...thank you so very much for *inviting* us to the wedding! What a delightful idea...loved the boots & the cotton & the mason jars...the entire theme!

They make a beautiful couple & I'm so glad you got a few photos of you with them. DH's granddaughter got married & we weren't invited into a single photograph. :-(

I enjoyed seeing this post very, very much!


Creations By Cindy said...

What fun and sweet pictures! thank you for sharing. I love the locket!!!! Bout made this Nana cry! Everything looked so nice and fun! Hugs and blessings, Cindy

Marilyn said...

Love seeing this celebration. How very special for you and your family. Family weddings are the best.

Bonnie said...

Yes, I did enjoy your celebration and felt as if I were there. It was indeed a lovely affair. Looks like every detail was thought of with much care. It is wonderful to blog about it and share with others and have the memory for your family as well.

Beautiful couple and May God Bless their marriage.

A Romantic Porch said...

Oh my! The wedding was so beautiful and so touchingly heartfelt. The bride and groom's mothers both look SO young and you are simply beautiful too. Thank you for sharing this beautiful bit of your life.
xo rachel

Rosemary said...

Such fun! I remember when you shared the romantic proposal.... happy to see the beautiful wedding photos! Wishing the happy couple many wonderful years of love and joy!

Debbie said...

Finally here! I started to come yesterday and suddenly had a hacker problem to deal with instead.( Hopefully, we foiled him!)

Anyway, I really do love every detail. I kept planning to tell you what my favorite part was, but I kept changing my mind. I loved all the country details like the flatware and the chalkboards, and I am totally CRAZY about the cotton. I would love to copycat that if I ever have an autumn wedding around here.

They were a beautiful couple, and she looked like a princess in that dress. I'm all about princess dresses, you know.

I loved the cupcake idea, especially the two which were connected with their monogram for eating. That was just cute.

And OK... I decided at the end that my favorite thing in this post is the locket you wore. That made me misty.

Wonderful all the way around and VERY MUCH my taste!!