Fall Decor

We have just returned from two weeks in the mountains. It's been a long time since we have seen the fall foliage and we enjoyed God's beauty so much! We had to cut our trip short two days due to the storms moving in. We enjoyed seeing family and friends on our trip too!

I had planned to post some of my fall decor, here in our home, before we left, but didn't get it done.
 This is our family room. I'm enjoying the velvet pumpkins I found this year!

I added yellow sunflowers to the terrarium that usually stays on the coffee table, The flowers change with the seasons.

These figurines are usually inside, except at Christmas when a Nativity is used.

 I displayed some of my scarecrow collection on top of the TV armoire:



 I have removed the few cute Halloween things in the living room and the cute Halloween tablescape in the dining room and will decorate those two rooms for fall this weekend.

Happy Fall!



Sarah said...

Katherine, I added velvet pumpkins to our fall decor this year too. Your grouping is lovely. I like the rich green color mixed in with the rusty oranges.

Alison @ The Polohouse said...

Your fall decor is wonderful!
Glad you made it home from the mountains safely. Hope you did not have to drive through any slippery snow-covered roads. I am not ready yet for that stuff! Are you?

Love that little lantern on your table. Such pretty lines.


Debbie said...

I keep seeing the velvet pumpkins and wish that I had some. I love the warm look of them. My favorite part of your decorating is the scarecrow collection on top of the cabinet. I just love scarecrows for some reason.

Glad you had a nice trip to see the foliage.

Adrienne said...

I'm catching up, my friend. Love your velvet pumpkins and your Fall decor. I still don't have all of my Fall decor out - will finish tomorrow because of Thanksgiving Dinner here this week. I'll finish just in time to take it down and start to decorate for Christmas!