Let's Dish!

I have an encore presentation that I did on August 4, 2010, time to share it again!  I'm joining Cuisine Kathleen's Let's Dish party. Thanks, for hosting, Kathleen! Click on her name for lots of fun and inspiration. 
I call this tablescape "City Country Living. I'm using a white Battenburg lace tablecloth, gold leaf chargers and crystal goblets (city) with plaid napkins and a rooster (country.)

I needed gold or brass napkin rings, but didn't have any so I looked in my jewelry box for gold bracelets! Works for me!
I used four different bracelets for the napkin rings.

I found the pretty plaid napkins at either TJ Maxx or Home Goods.

The white rooster also came from Home Goods, a few years ago. 

This tablescape is a classic example of most of my tablescapes, I have always enjoyed doing budget decorating, decorating on a shoestring!

I posted the following two years ago and will leave it in here again, even tho I know most people don't do the reading so much, just look at the pictures! 

Why I do tablescapes? First I’ll tell you I’m not in competition with my tablescapes! I enjoy doing tablescapes, it’s so fun, and it’s good therapy for me! It’s a challenge to me to do my tablescapes using what I already have. I’m a thrifty person, I don’t usually buy things to tablescape with, if I do, it has to be on sale, probably under ten dollars! Most likely I pay a dollar each at the dollar stores. I usually only buy four things to play with. I like to “shop my house” for things I already have! I like sharing a few unusual ideas with others, especially those who think they don’t have anything to tablescape with or don’t have enough money to buy more, they can see it can be done inexpensively.
I do love seeing big expensive tablescapes and seeing the latest trends in china, etc. I admire the talent of these lovely people and gather inspiration from them. Being retired I must be more frugal, and consider where to store my “play dishes.”
I don’t follow any formal rules in setting my tables. If you’ve seen my glasses or forks on the wrong side of the plate, it was purposely done, I do things to balance out the pictures. If there are any tablescape police lurking, please know that I don’t care about any formal rules. I do what I enjoy and hope others will enjoy it as well, and not criticize me!
One of the best things about tablescaping weekly is that I don’t have to cook a big meal to serve with it! LOL! I seldom ever have real guests use my tablescapes, but my friends do enjoy coming to see what I do almost weekly! This is my hobby, this is what I enjoy, my tablescapes give me an ahhh moment when I walk into the room, and my husband enjoys seeing what I come up with weekly! It’s fun, it’s exciting and enjoyable, nothing more! 



kitty said...

Hi Katherine, I love your ideas on not following rules on table settings. I love how you think and that you just enjoy doing them!! Those plaid napkins are so pretty with the darling bracelets.

Alycia Nichols said...

I took the time to read what you wrote, Katherine, and I love it. Tablescaping SHOULD be a form of enjoyment. When you do it for the pure fun of it, it really MEANS something...and that shows. I'm glad that your friends and husband are able to enjoy the fruits of your labor each week. That's part of the fun! Being a thrifty person means that you use the creativity you have been blessed with more often. I, too, love shopping the dollar stores (there is SO much great stuff there!), and hate to spend a ton of money on just about any and everything!!!!! I'm also a proponent of following my creative connection rather than set rules on what to do. Formal tables for formal affairs...I do what convention calls for us to do. When I'm just creating for the sake of creating and enjoyment, though, the rule book goes straight out the window! Hooray for you for marching to the beat of your own drum! I hope you continue to create and take pleasure in what you do!

Creations By Cindy said...

Love your tablescape. I like how you used the bracelets! Great idea. I too am like you with the setting of my table! RULES to abide by in this area went out for me a long time ago! If I like the way it looks I do it! I usually never do anything the way it is to properly done as some would say! LOL! It's my table! Right? Love the napkins! Hugs and blessings, Cindy

Ceekay-THINKIN of HOME/Doublewide Decor said...

You always do fabulous tablescapes. I remember this one with the bracelets. I haven't done a tablescape since we moved here. I will soon because you know how I love the Fall. Have a great weekend...first of Fall!!yeah!!

Marigene said...

You know I love this table, Katherine, with all the green...especially those plaid napkins.

Marilyn said...

I love the color theme of your table. Beautiful!