St. Pat's Blog Crawl

We made it back from our trip just in time for Kathleen's annual St. Patrick's Day Blog Crawl! So glad I didn't miss it. I did my Irish tablescape before we left so it would be ready when we returned.

This tablescape only cost $5 since I already had most of the items needed!

Inspiration for the tablescape started with this hat, purchased for a dollar at the Dollar Tree!
I stuffed it with paper so it would stand up.

The napkins are little shamrock tea towels, also purchased at Dollar Tree. I bought four of them.

I placed these little derby hats on top

The chargers are dark green. They were from Target a few years ago.
The plates were from Dollar Tree many years ago. The crystal-look flatware was from Ross a few years ago. The dark green goblets were purchased back in the 70s!!

The little Leprechaun was from Michael's last year, isn't he cute?

A little pot of gold and some lucky coins complete the centerpiece.

So there you go - an easy, inexpensive Irish tablescape!

A friend gave me the beautiful Battenburg lace tablecloth about 20 years ago. It is 100% cotton. Every time I use it I have to iron it and vow that I will buy another white tablecloth that is polyester so I won't have to iron it, but never have!
I have even ironed it with it on the table to try to eliminate some of the wrinkles!
Wonder how much it costs to send it to the cleaners to be pressed??

I think I'll name this tablescape "Hat-titude!"

I've never made Irish soda bread before, I was thinking about trying it this year

Or maybe I'll just buy some from Publix (our grocery store!)

I also must remember to buy pistachio pudding to make the Watergate salad I always like to have on St. Patrick's Day because it's green, and because it's good! My husband isn't crazy about it though!

We are having family for a few days (on spring break) so I'll have someone to share this tablescape with! Our granddaughter, Elisabeth, will also be here!

Happy St. Paddy's Day!

Choose your place at the table!

I've never made corned beef and cabbage, maybe I'll try it this time! I think I'm afraid to!!
(photo from Food Channel site)

I like to get it at good restaurants instead!

I'm not Irish, but I love to decorate with the greens, it's such a happy color!

May you have the luck of the Irish! Or better yet, just be blessed in every way!

Thanks to Kathleen for hosting this fun party! Click on her name for lots more fun!

Happy St. Patrick's Day!


Pat said...

Wonderful table and the corned beef and cabbage look delish.

Happy Saint Patrick's Day!

Happier Than a Pig in Mud said...

Cute table and fun napkins! I do hope you give the CB&C a try-enjoy:@)

Marigene said...

Love your festive table, Katherine. Corned beef is sooooo easy, just put it in the pot,simmer it for about 5-6 hours, until it is fork tender...yummy!

Debbie said...

I love corned beef and cabbage, but I've never one time made it myself. I'm such a pathetic cook.

I love your table and all that's on it. I have been so busy that I haven't even posted mine yet. UGH. By the time I start crawling, the party will be over.

Linda (More Fun Less Laundry) said...

Your table is very festive and that photo of the corned beef looks so tempting! I have never made it--maybe I should look it up. Linda

xinex said...

What a cute table, Katherine! I love the little hats...Christine

Rettabug said...

What a pretty table which will be even PRETTIER as soon as your sweet granddaughter sits down with you at it.
How nice to have her visit!
Mine are heading AWAY from me for their spring breaks. LOL I get to see them anytime but I'll still miss them.

You should try doing a corned beef in the crock pot. It is SOOOO easy & extremely flavorful that way.

You just put 1/2 cup H2o in the bottom, rinse off the meat & lay it with the fat side UP, sprinkle on the little package of seasonings & add 1 or 2 chopped onions over it all. Put the lid on & don't open it for 8-10 hrs. & I promise you, it will be the most tender & flavorful CBeef you've ever had. I did it this way last year & will never boil it again!!

Core the cabbage, nuke it in the microwave till soft then simmer it in some butter in a big pan till you're ready to eat. Add mashed potatoes & your all set. I'd come make it for you but I'll be a little busy with our gang here on Sat. LOL


Jody and Stan said...

Katherine, Happy St. Patrick's Day! What a beautiful table and all the decorations too. New Follower. Thank you for stopping by my post. I bought those cute little cloches at a nursery near my house, "Summers Past Farms" in El Cajon, California. Maybe you could order through them. Hope this helps you..


Priscilla said...

This looks like you are ready for a party. I want to come.

Kathleen said...

So glad you got back in time! I think this table is so cute, and the hat and napkins from Dollar Tree are great! Ours didn't have them!
Thanks so much for adding this sweet entry to the blog crawl Don't be afraid of the corned beef, it is easy!

Ceekay- Thinkin of Home said...

Don't you just love the Dollar Tree? Such a cute table...and we love Watergate salad...I haven't made it in ages!!

Sarah said...

Katherine, your table is going to make that little girl smile with delight. The corned beef looks delicious. Sorry I'm late to arrive, but I've been away from my computer. Happy St. Patrick's Day! ~ Sarah

lulumusing said...

Wow, you were thinking ahead to have done your table early! You know, I'm going to have to pay more attention to Dollar Stores since so many of you find such neat things there.

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

Love those napkins/tea towels, Katherine! The dollar store continues to amaze me with what people find there! I love those little hats you placed on top of each setting ~ very cute.

Victoria Mische said...

Hi Katherine, This is my first time to visit your blog and I almost browsed the entire site if yours. Anyway, I mostly enjoyed your St Pat's tablescape.

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