Spring Cloche Party

We just returned from a trip and I didn't get a chance to create cloches for Marty's Spring Cloche party. I didn't want to miss her party so I've put together some of the cloches I'm created over the past three years. The one above with the music, music birds (song birds) and shamrocks is a new one I created this year. The one below is new and still on our family room coffee table:

The ones below are from years past:

The one below with a little Leprechaun was a centerpiece for a tablescape:

St. Patrick's Day decor on the hall tree in the foyer:

She is playing a hand accordion, he is dancing a jig.

Faux shamrocks are also from Michael's.

Little Kim Anderson kissing figurines:

Isn't he cute?!

White bird in a bird cloche:
With a white faux rose and pearl "bird's nest!"

One of my all time favorite cloche designs:

Here are a few Easter cloches I've shared over the years:

I hope to get these bunnies down soon and display them like this again!
I found these cuties at Dollar Tree a few years ago.
You can't help but smile when you see them!
They will be displayed on the coffee table in the family room.

Adorable Dollar Tree figurine

I bought this unique little bunny (above) at a craft show a long time ago.
She is made from a vintage embroidered tea towel.

Thr little wooden rabbit below is a bit whimsical, but I can also see some seriousness,
almost as if he is meditating or praying!

This is why I place the Easter lilies inside the cloche with him.

This one is pretty in pink!

Bunny egg cup holder:
It also holds a tea light!

The little figurine below has a wagon with baby chickens in it

and baby chicks in their hands!
A bunny pulls the wagon!

This is an "open cloche" surrounding little blue birds!

For my last cloche display I leave you with this one using the twig cross, tiny roses (with thorns) pearls, and a baby's pink bible. This represents Jesus dying on the cross for us after leaving His words for us to live by. A bittersweet representation.

My baby shoes, not just for spring, but year around:

Valentine's Day may not be for Spring, but this one looks springy!
Cute little cupid blowing a kiss!

More Valentine cloches, these were done this year:

Thanks for visiting, I hope you enjoyed my cloche designs, over the years!

Here's a shamrock for you!

Thanks, to Marty for hosting! Click on her name for lots more cloche designs!
I'm also posting to Kim's Wow Us Wednesday.


marty (A Stroll Thru Life) said...

Katherine, I so love all of your cloches and the way you always decorate them. The birds, bunnies, and those precious baby shoes, fabulous. The leprechans are just the cutest ever and all of your St. Paddy's displays are just the cutest ever. Thanks so much for joining the party, love them all. Hugs, Marty

xinex said...

These are just lovely, Katherine. Just perfect for St.Patrick's Day and spring too....Christine

Marigene said...

Love the little Irish dancers...they are ready for an Irish jig!

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

You've had some wonderful cloche displays, Katherine! I love your terrarium/conservatories!