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I'm a little late, but I'm joining in with Kathy's "A Return to Loveliness Tuesday." This is a new meme to discuss the "old" (first) Victoria magazines. Go to Kathy's blog A Delightsome Life to join in with us!

I have a large collection of the first issues of Victoria ranging from the first Premiere issue and many years since. I have subscribed to the "new" Victoria magazines and think they are doing a nice job publishing them, but the ones published back in the 80s and 90s are the best!

1987/88 Winter issue

I've been very busy getting ready for our vacation, but today I took some time to go through some of my magazine files to refresh my memory of what I have and how many. I didn't count them, but will do that eventually. I have them in the plastic magazine files that hold about twelve issues. I have nine of these plastic files, so that gives you an idea how many, but they aren't all full! No, I don't have every issue of them, but I do have the first issue. I couldn't find that first issue today and no time to search. The one above is the oldest one I have and it does have "Good Housekeeping's Victoria" in the title. It is the 1987/88 Winter issue, it was $1.95! Did you know Good Housekeeping first published the Victoria's? I hope you can see it, I wish I had zoomed in on the title. They stopped putting Good Housekeeping after the Summer 88 issue. The next one is August 88. I guess they started publishing monthly then.

Other 1988 issues I have are: Spring, Summer, August, October, and December:

My 1988 issues:

These two are 1989, August, and October:

I have eight December Christmas issues, from 1994-2001. Plus the 87/88 issue above. I guess it was the Christmas issue that year. I will show those at another time.

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Thanks for hosting, Kathy!

We are leaving early tomorrow morning for a week in the NC mountains. I hope it's cooler there! Maybe I'll take a few of the old Victoria's so if I have some time to relax and read! While I am gone please scroll down to see my latest tablescapes and tabletops if you haven't seen them!

We are taking the laptop, but I'm not sure we will be able to use it there. I hope to join in Marty's Cloche party next week, if I'm able to make connections!

God Bless.



The Quintessential Magpie said...

Katherine, I recognized that first issue you have displayed there. SO pretty! I loved the "Old Victoria" magazine. It was so elegant and lush.


Sheila :-)

Fifi Flowers said...

I miss Victoria magazine when it was published by Hearst Mag!

Sara's Sweet Surprise said...

Hello Katherine~I remember the first time I opened a Victoria magazine (m-a-n-y years ago), I was awe stuck. Every page more beautiful than the next. These days there are so many magazines that are filled with more advertisement then the actual articles and photos not to mention the expense, it adds up quickly. Wished they'd bring em back like the old days.
You're very fortunate to have such a large collection of lovely inspiration.

Sweet wishes,

Love Bears All Things said...

I have to confess: I've never looked at one of these magazines...Wanted to tell you that I've been looking for a cloche although I'm not sure where I would put it..I've seen two recently. One at Hartex Antique Mall in Madison and another this week at Tuesday Morning..both were just two expensive.
Have fun on your trip..I'm off to Memphis next weekend.
Mama Bear

Marilyn said...

I loved the old Victoria and have many of the issues also. I once wrote to the new publishing company and made some suggestions how they could make the magazine more like the original issues, but I never heard anything from them. Thanks for sharing today.

Marydon said...

G'eve my friend ~ You should never post that you are going away ... google search will provide naughty people with exact locations of your home, street, etc. I just wrote Jil @ yesterday about this & she immediately removed the text from her write, her hub being in law enforcement she was upset for not having thought this thru more clearly. Never divulge anything prior to happenings because of the possibility you are providing data to those less than desirable.

While you are checking out things, double check to see all the private information they list on people, you may also be included in that & may removed yourself from it at the bottom of the page under privacy, I believe. I just did a post on that recently ... it tells the ALL about individuals.

Have a safe trip, enjoy yourself.

Have a beautiful Monday.
TTFN ~ Hugs, Marydon

Coffee Queen said...

What lovely photo's you post. I've never read this magazine before, but looks really interesting.