We're Home!

We're home again! I just about went into withdrawal being without a computer for ten days!! I've missed all my blogging friends and hope you've missed me!

My sister is doing fairly well considering she is going through chemo and radiation for the lung cancer. Whenever I see someone smoking, especially young people, it's all I can do to keep from stopping and telling them what smoking can do to them!

I enjoyed being in my home state again "Sweet Home Alabama!" That's what's on the AL license plates!
I enjoyed seeing the mimosa trees in bloom! The highways were lined with these beautiful trees with the unusual pom-pom blooms!
The foliage has a fern-like look. My mother always had mimosa trees growing in their yard.
I didn't get to take any pictures of these pretty trees so had to borrow some from the net.
Mimosas also have a nice fragrance!
Have you seen the mimosa trees?

The Mimosa tree, Albizzia julibrissin, sometimes called Silk tree, was introduced to the United States in 1745 for use as an ornamental plant because of its unusual, attractive and fragrant pom-pom like flowers and interesting fern-like foliage.This deciduous tree is attractive to bees, butterflies, and birds. In gardens this tree grows to 20–30'.

Mimosa trees are fast-growing but rather short-lived. It has a single trunk with smooth gray bark. Each bipinnate leaf is made up of hundreds of tiny leaflets coated in white hairs, giving the foliage a silvery cast. In late winter or spring the domed crown is decked in sprays of small, globular, golden yellow flower heads. It is able to survive winter in southern U.S., but flowers better in climates with a longer, drier summer.

These pretty crape myrtle trees were also in bloom almost everywhere in Huntsville, Birmingham, and further south.

This is one of my favorite colors of the crape myrtle trees

What pretty blossoms!

I'm looking forward to returning to blogging and decorating again, and catching up on what you have posted on your blog!

Thank you for your prayers, especially for my sister!

Have a happy day!

God Bless.



Connie said...

Aaaaaah, the crepe myrtle is my favorite in the photos, honey. I want some so badly but it won't grow well here for some reason. I'll check with the nursery and see if I can get a variety that will. Just beautiful, chick!!!!!!

Shelia said...

Welcome back!! I'm an Alabama girl too! I was born in Fort Payne and then we moved to Texas when I was 13. We had those mimosa trees too. I think they're so pretty with the fluffy little pink blooms.
Hope your weekend is great.
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

The Quintessential Magpie said...

Katherine, welcome back! We had crape myrtles and mimosas in our yard growing up, and I love them both. They remind me of some of the best days of my life. I can't think of them without thinking of my parents.

Alabama is a great state. I went to college there, and so did my father.


Sheila :-)

Shelia said...

Yes, ma'am, I got that bathroom snap and I'll be doing a post soon. I will let you know!
Thank you always! :)
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;0

nannykim said...

Hope your sis does well with the treatment! We have those mimosa and crepe myrtle all around here. For some reason my crepe myrtle are not blooming this year!! at least not much. I don't have a mimosa in the yard, but I do think they are neat!

parTea lady said...

Welcome back. I'm glad your sister is doing okay during her treatment. I loved seeing all your pretty photos of the mimosa and crepe myrtles.

Lallee said...

Beautiful blooms for your journey, Katherine. I'm continuing to pray.