Metamorphosis Monday

This is my first time to join in on Susan's Metamorphosis Monday. Go here for lots more fun and inspiration.

I'm featuring a project my husband just finished. It is the bench that sits under the arbor on our courtyard beside the front entryway of our house.
Below is a before picture of the bench:

The wrought iron bench when it was painted white.

We decided to do something different to give it a New Orleans look and paint it black!

We also painted the front door and the trim on our house a brighter yellow. The hardware on the door is now black.

The wall pocket on the door is also painted black and filled with new silk flowers

The bouganvillia has just been trimmed and isn't blooming now.

I have always loved black, white, and yellow together
and we're pleased with this look for our house.

I hope you enjoyed seeing the metamorphosis of our bench.
Do you like the bench better black or white?

I'll give you some details: This project actually took over two weeks. My husband is a perfectionist and he didn't just paint the bench, he first took it apart, piece by piece! One leg was broken and needed to be welded so instead of taking the whole bench to the welder (it weighs a ton!) he only took the leg. Then he stripped the white paint off all pieces, painted everything with primer (twice) then painted everything with black oil-based paint (twice!) It takes a long time for that paint to dry! He also replaced the screws with stainless steel screws so they won't rust.

I must tell you an ingenious idea he had. When stripping the white paint off, it was taking too long to scrape it off all the elaborate designs (leaves and grapes) so he took the pressure cleaner and cleaned it off with that! It worked great! Smart man, my husband!! ;-)

Here's another story if you care to listen: I always loved these wrought-iron benches. I remember back in the 50s when I first saw one I fell in love with them then, but only the wealthy could afford them back then. Unfortunately, I never did get my bench, until..... a few years ago my neighbor who had the bench asked me if we wanted their bench. Her husband is elderly and in bad health and they weren't up to trying to get the broken leg fixed, removing the rust, etc. I was delighted to finally get my bench -- Free! I remembered the bible verse "Delight yourself in the Lord, and He will give you the desires of your heart!" Psalms 37:4

Have a happy day!
God Bless.


Since the bouganvillia isn't blooming now, I'll show a picture of it taken last year (below:)


ceekay said...

I have always loved those benches too! And I love it in black! Your yellow door is perfect for you! Beautiful!

Mary said...

Oh, How French Country! I love the black, and have some in and outside my house as well. Your husband sounds like my son! He does that type of thing, too, and my DIL just rolls her eyes! So nice that you came upon the bench via a neighbor - that was the perfect way to acquire it, and now it looks beautiful! Love the bougie, too, they are one of my favorites, and I plant them often because they are so beautiful, but I can't seem to keep them alive! Happy Monday!

A Hint of Home said...

Oh Katherine, Hubby did a great job on painting the trim and front door. I love the yellow and black combo.
Your bench looks super. Love it in black with the new door and black hardware.
God does give us the desires of our heart.

La Tea Dah said...

Absolutely beautiful! I love the black. The colors remind me of a bumble bee --- in a very good way!


Nikki via The Scarlett Rose Garden said...

Watch out Kathy! That black spray paint is addicting!

I love the new look. Boy, he really is a perfectionist! I am too, but I'm also very impatient and that usually takes over, lol!
I'm so glad he fixed the leg and did everything right.

All of the new paint looks fab! Can't wait to see it next year with the new blooms.

downhomeliving said...

Very pretty!

I had some bouganvillia but it didn't come back I thought it was a perennial? I love yours!



Connie said...

Aaaahhhhh, sweetpea, just gorgeous. Reminds me of Mexico with the bouganvillea. It's one of my favorite plants but can't grow it here YET. I'm going to keep trying though.

Brenda said...

The colors you've used are very striking together! I'm going to have to work some of this yellow, white and black into my house now!

Terry said...

I'd like your bench in any color. I love the yellow! I'm sure it's a knockout from the curb.

Mary said...


I love those iron benches with all the scroll work and I'm glad your husband thought to power wash it. It would have taken him forever to strip it by hand.

Your house is looking great. Thanks for the update. A project well done.


Eileen said...

Your home looks lovely, and well-loved and cared for. Beautiful!
And isn't it wonderful how God Provides not only our needs but our heart's desires too! Beautiful!
All the best,

marty39 said...

Katherine, we just got home from our trip this afternoon and I'm trying to catch up. I hope I didn't miss too much. I absolutely love your bench. I have always loved them too and I really like it painted black. It is stunning and it sounds like your DH is really a perfectionist. That is so nice because now the bench will last forever. It is so true that the Lord does give us the desires of our hearts. Your yellow door and the bouganvilla are both fabulous. Your home is just gorgeous. I'll try to catch up with everything more tomorrow. Hugs, Marty

Laura Ingalls Gunn said...

Your arbor metamorphasis looks great~ well done.

Have a blessed day!

Duchess of Tea said...

Oh! Katherine darling thanks for visiting me and for the sweet comments you left behind. You are so kind to notice my absence, thank you for caring; it is nice to know I have been missed. No major reason, just life and trying hard to juggle life, family, work and blogging. I will visit you regularly, promise. Take care and thanks again.

Duchess xx

Martha said...

I've always loved those benches as well -- although there was a period (70's I think( that I thought them a little old fashioned.

I do love what you did to the bench as well as the door.

Lallee said...

Katherine, I look the new look and the 3 colors together. Very nice! Joe would cringe if he saw how I went about these kinds of projects ;-) Lovely story about how you received your lovely bench.
Hope you are feeling better this week.

Cathy said...

This is just lovely!!! I love the black and how you tied it in so nicely with your accessories!!! The front of your home is beautiful!!! Everything looks so lush and green!!!


Bill said...

Hi Katherine,
Your first Metamorphosis Monday post is a winner! Painting the bench black was a great idea ... looks really dramatic! Thank you for sharing the story of how you wanted a bench like that and how you came to own this one. The new ones are pretty (in fact, I live with a few of the modern ones), but they're not the quality of those old, heavy pieces. It's great that your husband was able to restore it so beautifully!

The yellow and black look wonderful together! I love bouganvillea, but it doesn't do well in Tennessee (it does OK in summer, but I haven't been able to keep one alive through the winter ... even by bringing it inside).

Sammy Girl said...

I didn't think I liked yellow and you showed me I reallly did. And now I think you are doing the same for black and yellow. And of course as I look down I am wearing black jeans and a yellow tank top. Sheesh ... what would I do without friends to point out the obvious! It looks super and you are right about the "French Quarter" look. It's FANTASTIC ... and BLACK is definitely better. Give your hubs a hug from all of us for being such a perfectionist. No headaches about that leg falling off or paint chipping for you!
Have a great week --
Betty :)

blushing rose said...

Love the bench in black best ... it just POPS against the white house wall ... everything else is perfect, the gardens are gorgeous. Don't change anything. TTFN ~Marydon

rosecottagegardensandfarm said...

What a lovely blog you have! You have created such a gorgeous home and gardens.

Thank you for sharing your pretty photos!

Debbykay at Rose Cottage Gardens and Farm

Melissa Miller said...

Hello Katherine,
It's so nice to meet you! I really appreciate the sweet B-day wishes and the kind visit to my blog. Thank you for following along as well. I'll do the same. Your blog is truly wonderful and I'll be back to visit you again soon.

Whata gorgeous transformation on the bench! It looks so elegant painted black. Beautiful flowers as well. ~Lovely all around.

Have a blessed evening.
~Warmly, Melissa :)

Bill said...

Hi again, Katherine,
Thank you so much for stopping by and leaving the sweet comment. I did see your tablescape last week, and wrote a comment saying how beautiful and elegant I thought it was. I apologize for not double checking to make sure the comment appeared. I must have hit the wrong button without realizing it ... I was probably at work "sneaking a peek" at some of my favorite blogs! Again, I'm sorry ... I'll do better!

Tina Leigh said...

I love the new look!!! I'm very jealous of it!

Beautiful Pear Tree Lane said...

Hi Katherine,
Your transformation is absolutely beautiful. I do remember when only rich people had these iron benches. The scripture you shared is one of my favorite too. Thank you for sharing.

stefanie said...

the black really makes it elegant!!!

ImagineCozy said...

Now that is a welcoming entry! What curb appeal. I really love the black with the pale yellow. So Nice.

Fifi Flowers said...

My vote is for black bench! BEAUTIFUL flowers!