Fleur de lis cup and saucer

After discovering the meaning of the Fleur de lis symbol for New Orleans, I set out to find a memento to bring home. I wanted a cup and saucer and found this little demi sized cup and saucer. It has three little gold feet.

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Becky said...

Hey! You asked about our bible study and what I had decided. I have ordered two books to look at - one is a Cynthia Heald book called "Becoming a Woman of Excellence" and the other is a Woman of Faith book called "Cultivation Contentment". I also ordered a book just for me to use to "spice" up either one of these books, called, "Only Angels Can Wing it; the Rest of us Have to Practice." I can't remember if it was you that suggested that one or not. But I loved the title and had to have it. It is out of print so I got it from Amazon used books for .01. Of course I paid $3.99 for shipping. But it arrived yesterday and I will be taking it on vacation with me to work with.

I should look back in my comments and see who it was that suggested that. I had so many repsonses. But if it was you, then let me know. And thanks for checking in.

BTW, that lovely cup and saucer are just amazing. What a wonderful momento. And the picture of Caden is adorable. What an absolute cutie pie! Yes! He made me smile BIG. Have a GREAT day.