Yellow Rose Tea Cup and Saucer

To the new visitors to my blog: If you check my archives you'll see I am a collector. Okay, I'm the Queen of Collections!! I collect many things, my favorites being things with yellow roses. I have a collection of yellow rose tea cups. I don't think I have ever featured this one. It is so prissy with the little feet! When I have tea parties I let my guests choose the tea cup they want to use. The yellow rose tea cups are very popular!

This tea cup doesn't have a name on bottom, or any stamping. I won it on Ebay. It sits on my monitor so I can see it a lot.

I'm scolding myself for not keeping a record of the things posted on my blogs. Sometimes when I have nothing to do (HUH??) I may go back through the archives and do this. If Mr. Blogger were smart he would offer to sell our own monthly archives to us! Wouldn't that be a good idea! I would buy mine, if they weren't too expensive. I would like to have mine on record, even printed out so I could put them in a photo album. I'm a Creative Memories consultant (for almost 11 years!) we teach our customers to make a Treasure Album. A Treasure Album has a record of your valuables and treasures (they aren't always expensive) these could be family mementoes, dishes, toys, whatever. Adhere photos of your treasures on each page with journal boxes describing the treasure, dates, family names, what it cost, what it's worth, etc. This is a great way to have a record for your children so when you pass on they won't throw the treasures away - or sell them for a quarter in a garage sale! Yikes! Who knows maybe they could sell them on Ebay for a fortune! (Groan! Perish the thought!!)

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~Becca~Bluebird Rose said...

What a gorgeous teacup!!

Ah, when I join you for tea, how will I ever choose?!