Wedding China

 I'm joining Cuisine Kathleen's Wedding China Challenge.  I'll start with the story of my wedding china: My youngest daughter now has my wedding china and she lives in another state. I don't have pictures of it to share so I copied these off Replacements: 

 Symettra by Castleton. It is eggshell with a platinum band around the edges:

 I wanted plain china so I could use it with pretty patterned tablecloths, etc.

My daughter also has my crystal and silver, it all went together so nicely I didn't want to separate it:

 Silver Surf by Stieff. Notice how it matches the stem on the crystal:

Fostoria crystal "Contour."

I still think it is all so beautiful! Sometimes it's hard to believe I went from the simplicity of all this in 1960 to Old Country Roses and gold trimmed flatware! We purchased this in the late 90s. I do love both styles!

Since I don't have my first china here and both my daughters live out of town, I decided to do memories of my first wedding, using clear china that my Aunt Catherine gave me (she died last month.) In her younger days she catered wedding receptions and used this. She had a large collection of these clear plates and she gave me a lot of it. It's hard to photograph though.

                         I'm using the wedding lace tablecloth layered over a pale yellow tablecloth.
 It's one of my favorite tablecloths, sheer embroidered lace:

The white sheer embroidered napkins have pearl napkin rings (representing wedding pearls!)

 The clear crystal look flatware matches very well.


The centerpiece is actually a bride's bouquet of silk yellow roses. I carried yellow roses in my wedding.

A vintage vase is a perfect fit for it.


This brought back lots of sweet memories.

I'm also linking to Susan's Tablescape Thursday.




Nancy's Notes said...

Katherine, what a beautiful tablescape! Your sheer tablecloth is just absolutey gorgeous and love that it's an heirloom! Your Old Country Rose china pattern is just one of my favorites, such a lovely pattern. Great post~

Have a great day!


Debbie said...

Well of course you carried yellow roses! I can't imagine you carrying anything else. It's so you and so lovely just in my imagination.

I love it that you gave your dishes to your daughter. She is VERY blessed! I love the pattern. My mom tried to get me to choose a very neutral china pattern, but I didn't listen to her.

I still love my Shenandoah, but I am actually in the process of listening to her now by choosing a white set of "anniversary" china to use with patterned linen.

The wedding themed table idea was a great one, and I'm sorry about the loss of your aunt, too.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful table, and I love all of your dishes. Those clear ones are wonderful and look great with the accents of yellow.

Tricia said...

What a pretty table! That fabulous lace tablecloth over a yellow one is the perfect backdrop. Your daughter is thrilled to have your wedding china, crystal, and silver, I'm sure! Castleton made such lovely china. My mother and sister have Castleton patterns.

Creations By Cindy said...

Very Pretty.
Hugs and blessings, Cindy

Sarah said...

Katherine, it is thoughtful of you to give your daughter your wedding china, crystal, and silver. I'm certain she was over the moon with excitement. The Old Country Rose is a gorgeous pattern. It looks gorgeous with the gold charger.
You set a beautiful table with the crystal plates and crystal flatware. This is a beautiful look accented with the pearls and embroidery of the cloth. Beautiful!

Alycia Nichols said...

So you've been a fan of the yellow rose for years and years, huh? With this knowledge, I know you could not possibly have named your blog anything BUT after yellow roses!!!

This is a sweet and very enchanting tablescape, Katherine. I love the overlay!!! What a prize!

I think it's wonderful that your daughter is now enjoying the beautiful pieces of which you hold such fond memories. I know she must treasure those items just as much as you treasure the clear dishes from your Aunt Catherine. That's just beautiful.

Candy S said...

I went from the simple unadorned china I had in the sixties to Old Country Roses in the nineties too. Unfortunately I sold them when we moved to Florida years ago. I thought I wanted to down size. Silly me.... The clear china from your aunt makes a lovely table. The yellow roses and the yellow tablecloth under the lace are just enough color to grace your beautiful tablescape. Wonderful job.

Kathleen said...

I enjoyed seeing your first wedding china, K. I love the accent plate of the OCR, so pretty! Thanks for joining in!

A Romantic Porch said...

Katherine, That is so beautiful. You just never cease to amaze me with all the different and gorgeous ideas that you have for table decor. You truly have a gift for putting it all together.
thank you for sharing.
I hope you had a beautiful birthday dear Katherine.