This Easter

The Easter season this year has been different from any other for us. Last year we were celebrating a healing of the lymphoma my husband had. This year he has another type of lymphoma, and it appears he wasn't healed this year during the anointing of oil at church. The Lord has chosen for him to be treated with chemotherapy. The doctors say the cancer isn't curable, but does respond to chemotherapy and he should go into remission for a few years.
Even though we have had this going on in our lives and haven't been able to participate in all the Easter festivities at church this year, we have never felt more close to the Lord and understand the suffering He went through. We know He is with us every step of the way and we praise Him for His blessings. The blessings of praying family members and friends, and especially for the friends we have never met - our internet friends! Thank you all for standing with us in prayer, may you be blessed for it! May you feel His comfort and love and have the best Easter ever!

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Lallee said...

Katherine, as you know, we are praying for God to work through the treatment, and to give both of you comfort and peace in the meantime.