Two babies in two states in two weeks!!

I'm back! We had two babies, in two states, in two weeks! Grandbabies! My daughter Ashleigh and hubby Shawn live in South Carolina where Caden was born, he surprised us with arriving 20 days early on August 3rd!

I returned from SC Tuesday night and on Wednesday we drove over an hour to Orlando for the birth of the second grandbaby! A girl - Elisabeth! She was 15 days early! I'll post a photo of her soon when we get a good one. We'll see her again Sunday.

Here is Caden after a bath! He was two weeks old yesterday. What is sweeter than a new baby smelling so fresh and clean, bundled in a towel after bathtime!

We have been doubly blessed with two precious beautiful and healthy grandchildren! Thank you Lord, for answering our prayers!!


Martha said...

Congratulations! I am so happy for you and for your family. I loved seeing the photo of your new precious grandson and will look forward to your grandaughter's picture soon.

Yellow Roses said...

How sweet of you to leave a comment, Martha! Thank you!


LTD said...

Oh what a sweet child, he looks so alert, hard to believe that he was early. Would love to see a photo of Grandma holding hinm!!! Looking forward to seeing little Elisabeth too.



La Tea Dah said...

What an adorable baby! He looks so cute! I love those dark eyes! Thanks for sharing his photo and the pictures of his (adorable) nursery! One of my friends has a son named Caden. . .lovely name! I look forward to seeing the pictures of your granddaughter soon as well. How wonderful to be doubly blessed!