The Cat's Meow

"The Cat's Meow" shop in Venice, FL is owned by the sister of the owner of "If Tea Cups Could Talk." It is right next door to the tea room. These sister's have been featured in Romantic Homes magazine several times, including the recent June issue.

I was disappointed to see signs posted in The Cat's Meow shop that no photos were allowed. I was also surprised, as her sister allowed as many photos as you desired. I don't understand this no photo policy, I didn't see anything that could be copied. Most everything in the shop was very expensive, it was hard to find anything under $50. She had many antiques and all shabby chic styles, most of the colors were white, cream, rose and pinks. I didn't see anything in yellow, no yellow roses at all!

I must add that the owner and her husband were very nice.

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~Becca~Bluebird Rose said...

Looks and sounds like a very pretty shop! I'm sorry that you were not allowed to take photos of the inside!!